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    Benjamin Jones


      Do we know if the island had 3-phase infrastructure to the hospital or any other structures on the island?
      Are all homes single phase power, 3-phase or SWER lines?
      How supported are the roof trusses on the homes and other building throughout the island?
      I saw that there is telstra infrastructure on the island, does this mean there is wifi in the homes on the island? Or wireless 4G?

      Thank you

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Benjamin,

        I’ve answered a similar question to yours (re: 3-phase infrastructure) in this discussion thread. For context, can you tell us more about the need for this information?

        Regarding roof trusses, you can check some photos of the school and the church in our Interactives section. Also, you can read more about the housing situation in Saibai Island in this document: Sustainable Land Use Plan_Part 2 Saibai, which is available in our Resources section.

        Yes, we’ve mentioned in the design brief that the island currently relies on 4G network.

        I hope that helps.


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        Benjamin Jones

          Hi Jean,

          The context behind wanting to know about the 3-phase infrastructure is just to know the limitations of putting renewable energy onto the island. Single Phase power and SWER lines limit how much power can be supplied to the grid unlike 3-phase power.
          I couldn’t quite make out the street view photos on google maps to be able to tell the size of the fuse boxes attached to the buildings.

          I’ll definitely look up at that previous thread and the document you mentioned as well.

          Thank you for answering my questions. 🙂

          Jean Aquinde

            You’re welcome Benjamin! 🙂

            By the way, we have an update about your previous question. Our TSIRC contact has confirmed that households operate in single phase power while the infrastructures that require heavy power usage such as the hospital, community center, Council office and the accommodations operate in 3-phase power.

            All the best in your report writing,

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