Discover the impact of engineering through real-world sustainable development projects.

The EWB Challenge Series enables more than 10,000 students each year to build professional engineering competencies and contribute to social impact.

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About EWB Challenge
EWB Challenge – Cambodia
EWB Challenge – Saibai Island

The EWB Challenge Series is delivered by Engineers Without Borders Australia in collaborations with our partner organisations across the world. Community-identified project briefs, supporting resources, and live stakeholder engagement opportunities present a clear pathway for students to develop future-fit professional skills and personal engineering vision. These flexible programs support the tertiary sector in the delivery of curriculum-integrated and career-relevant applications to theoretical study.

EWB Challenge
Real-world projects in curriculum, from day one at university. A scoped design brief, immersive resources, and a series of EWB engagement points structured to support first year professional skills development and innovation for sustainable development.
Challenge: Strategic partner
Bespoke experiences for strategic university partners. Building on Challenge: Amplified project briefs with additional stakeholder consultation and EWB guidance through each stage of research and design.

Over 15 Years of Engineering Education

The EWB Challenge Series is embedded into the curriculum of universities across Australia and New Zealand. The EWB Australia team closely collaborates with university academics as well as course tutors, faculty, and students, to ensure education offerings are valuable, exciting, and readily adapted to suit a variety of course structures. EWB Australia engages with universities through strategic university partnerships, university partnerships, and program delivery partnerships based on the depth and breadth of activities. 

At EWB Australia we know long-term community partnerships are vital for the development of equitable, sustainable, and scalable solutions to complex sustainable development challenges. The EWB Challenge Series strongly integrates and aligns with EWB’s community and technology development work across Australia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

Since the EWB Challenge was piloted with universities in 2007, EWB Australia’s engineering education programs have engaged with more that 100,000 students at all levels of a degree. Students have been presented unique opportunities to explore and develop broad professional engineering skills through engaging with authentic, real-world project briefs with the potential to lead to positive community impact.