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Background to the EWB Challenge Series

The EWB Challenge is a design program for primary year university students coordinated by the EWB Challenge team and delivered in partnership with universities around the world.

It provides students with the opportunity to learn about design, teamwork and communication through real, inspiring, sustainable cross-cultural development projects.

By participating in the EWB Challenge students are presented with a fantastic opportunity to design creative solutions to real world problems.

Get Involved

What does clean drinking water, access to appropriate sanitation, prosthetic design, building design, transport infrastructure and electricity networks have in common?

They all involve humanitarian engineering! Engineering is about the application of our scientific and mathematical knowledge to meet the needs of society, the EWB Challenge focuses on the ‘society’ part of that equation – we call it humanitarian engineering.

Whether you are an academic, student or working professional- there are many ways to get involved and use your skills.

Previous Challenges

Each year the EWB Challenge works with a different community based partner organisation. These partner organisations are existing partners of Engineers Without Borders. The designs that students come up with throughout the year are given to the community partner to support their development work. Since its establishment in 2007 the EWB Challenge has seen students working on designs for communities around the world.

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