EWB Research Awards

2020 – Link Research Symposium at EWB Challenge Series Showcase

Community Engagement Award: Jasmine Walker, Monash University, Off-grid washdown stations in Cape York – A comparative analysis

Influencer Award: Hannah Elvery, QUT, Landslide management in developing contexts

People’s Choice Award:

Jo Katz, ANU, Methods of pre-processing poultry manure for use as a feedstock in ATEC* biodigesters

Siran Uhrig, RMIT, Investigation into washing and drying solutions for menstrual hygiene materials in Holarua, Timor-Leste

Read more about the 2020 Showcase, hosted online. The award categories are outlined here.

2019 – Link Research Symposium

Influencer Award: Ishka Bless, UNSW, A Value-Based Decision-Making Tool:Improving the adoption of household-level biodigesters in rural and remote communities

Impact Award: Liam Highmore, ANU, Design and Testing of 3d Printing for People with Disabilities in Cambodia

Research Communicator Award: Carine Lim, Phil Breguet, Kira Martin, Gabriel Trudinger, University of Melbourne, Is 100% water access in rural Cambodia possible?

Read more about the 2019 Symposium hosted at RMIT