Reply To: Water Quantity

Rachel Alford

    Hi Regan,

    Thanks for getting in touch with your questions.

    I’d like to clarify the scope of your project on 6.2 before answering your questions. Project 6.2 refers to tools to monitor groundwater quality, and any additional use of the water (for example the storage solution that it sounds like you’re working on) is an additional aspect, however the focus of your project should be the tools for monitoring quality.

    In terms of the population of the Yirrganydji community, this post answers the question about population, and I’d recommend taking a look at my response to this forum question around assumptions of Yirrganydji community. As your question is asking about the population of Yirrganydji community, as they are not a discrete, isolated community, you may be better placed to look at a water supply for Dawul Wuru’s Hub. There is some information about how the Hub is intended to be built and used, from which you can make assumptions about the water supply.

    For the location of the bore holes, we don’t have any specific information about where they are located, but I’d challenge you to think about why this information is important to your project? Is this necessary information for you to have, and how can you work without having this information?

    However, it is important to note that the focus of your project should be on tools for monitoring groundwater quality, any additional benefits (such as water supply) is an added bonus, but should not be the focus.

    Hope this helps!