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Rachel Alford

    Hi Serena,

    Thanks for your question!

    We’ve spoken with our contact at Dawul Wuru, they have indicated that the tank would predominantly be used for coral (particularly species that are vulnerable to coral bleaching) and fish, as some species of coral need fish to survive. The key thing about this tank is that there will be multiple species/specimens at the tank at any one time so ensuring that the environment is suitable for all.

    In terms of size, Dawul Wuru have indicated that they imagine a long (length), short (height) tank, with ideally a ‘touch’ section for children. However, based on what you know about the intention and purpose of the tank and your own research you conduct, it will be up to you to determine the exact shape and size of the tank.

    This other question on the forum has some more information about the purposes of the tank which you might find helpful:


    I hope this helps, but please reach out if you want any more information!

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