Yirriganydji land and sea rangers size/funding

Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation Caring for Sea Country Yirriganydji land and sea rangers size/funding

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    William Allbutt

      My team has been designing 5.2 flexible tanks for turtles and corals.
      Since these tanks are most likely going to be used by the Yirriganydji land and sea rangers, I have been trying to approximate how much funding they receive.

      So far I’ve only been able to find information on one source of funding, a 7 year grant from the National Indigenous Australian Agency (NIAA) providing ~$242 000 a year (1.6 mil over 7 years). This seems quite low, only enough to pay ~ 4 full-time employees.
      Are there any other funding sources that I might be able to investigate, or do the rangers utilise resources/funding directly from the Darul Wuru corporation outside of this grant?
      Where might I find information on how this money is spent – i.e how many employees are there, what are the equipment maintenence costs, etc ?

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi William,

        It’s great that you’ve been looking at the feasibility side of your design. Please type ‘grants’ or ‘funding’ in the Discussion Forum search bar, and you’ll see heaps of answers related to your question.

        This previous suggestion from Rachel best captures how you can approach your project: “As part of your design brief proposal, while outlining the costs associated with your project, you can also make suggestions about where they may secure funding. I’d suggest building off the existing research you’ve done into partners and broadening that to look at funding opportunities, such as government grants, which may apply to your project as a suggested funding source.” You may check this Queensland Government Grant Finder to see the existing ones.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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