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    Minh Tien Tran

      I’m working on designing the wash-down stations. I want to ask that what the government and community have done to deal with the waste of a large amount of water and energy to operate this system?
      Hope to receive your response,
      Thank you very much
      Minh Tien Tran

      Grace Roberts

        Hi Minh,

        Thanks for your question. The water is usually recycled in washdown stations, however there is some water that cannot be re-captured as well as due to evaporation. So, the need to manage large amounts of waste water is usually not an issue. Also, the washdown station that our staff visited in Cape York was managed by the government so the community wasn’t directly involved in this process.

        For energy, you’re right that a lot of energy and cost goes into running them (as mentioned in ‘4.3 Appropriate energy supply for vehicle washdown facilities’) which is why our partner CfAT have developed some student projects to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the energy supply. We’re interested in any ideas that students have to reduce or better manage the energy required to operate the system.

        Hope that helps, best of luck with your project,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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