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Mondulkiri, Cambodia Structures River width and depth

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    . Noor-Ul- Hadi

      I had a few questions regarding the dimensions of the river.
      In the challenge brief it is mentioned that during the rainy season the river is 50m wide and 10m deep, but the video on the EWB website shows otherwise. Can you please confirm the width and depth of the river during the wet and dry seasons?
      How much does the river flood during the wet season and how far up the riverbank does it reach? And what is the flow rate of the river during the wet and dry seasons?

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Noor,

        Apology for the delay, and thanks for merging your questions. I can see on the design brief that we stated that the river is 50m wide and 10m deep. However, the video has no specific information about the river dimension. I wonder if it’s the bridge dimension that you saw? Please email me (ewbchallenge@ewb.org.au) a screenshot of the information you caught on the video so we can look into it and correct our content if there’s any discrepancy.

        Unfortunately, we don’t have available data on the river width, depth and flow rate during the wet and dry seasons. However, we described how water level changes in these seasons in our Interactives (for example, vehicles can cross the river during the dry season). In your project, you may design with this range of water level fluctuation as a baseline information. Also keep in mind that you should also factor in the effect of climate change as part of the design considerations.

        I hope this helps.


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