Rainwater harvesting for bush tucker nursery

Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation Water management Rainwater harvesting for bush tucker nursery

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    Wei Han Guok

      Hey there, we’ve got some question regarding to water collection for bush tucker.
      1) What is the size of nursery? Like Area.
      2) What is the average water requirement for the nursery?
      3) Where are the possible locations for the nursery?
      4) Are there any natural features eg. Trees and rivers
      5)What are some important consideration when building structures on Yirrganydji?

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Wei,

        The bush tucker nursery will be part of the collective multi-purpose hub. I suggest you read Dawul Wuru’s Vision of a Collective Hub on Country, where they describe what the hub might look like and are keen on starting small and growing the space. With that in mind, we cannot specify the size of the nursery. The size and features of the nursery are open for design, including the average water requirement.

        In terms of location, we’ve answered a similar question here. I suggest you open the Interactives side by side to help you visualize the potential site for development.

        We’ve summarised the design considerations here, including the additional considerations for the Dawul Wuru and Yirrganydji Country context.

        I hope this helps.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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