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    Edward TORRES

      Regarding the location of marine infrastructure, would it be viable to create a pier in the existing location if the community is content with the utility of it, or would they rather have it closer to the town centre or main industrial areas such as the power station? This will affect the design ideas of the pier to accomodate existing structures around it.

      Sai Rupa Dev

        Hi Edward,

        It is worth noting that the community lives across the coastline. Determining the optimal location for a pier involves various factors such as community needs, accessibility, safety, and environmental considerations. The existing location serves the community well and they are content with its utility, it may be viable to keep it there, especially if moving it would cause significant disruptions or incur high costs.

        Also, if you take a look at the interactives the power station is quite inland, I don’t quite understand how you could build a pier without a body of water nearby. If you could elaborate on your design proposal, I could give you a better answer.

        It is also important to note that, while the current pier and boat ramp are old, they are still functional and structurally sound. Making modifications and amendments are also on the table should you wish to pursue them.

        Hope that helps,

        Gan Lin

          Hi there, Me and my team are planning on building a new pier that would replace the current one, however we are unsure if it is ideal to replace it or build a completely new one next to it or in a closer vicinity and either keep or remove the old one. A few questions however I am unable to find answers to are the depth of the water from the the start of the current pier to the end of it.

          Jean Aquinde

            Hi Gan,

            Please check our recommended readings per design area, specially under Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation. There has been a lot of studies undertaken on Saibai’s marine infrastructure. For example, this report on INUNDATION MANAGEMENT ON SAIBAI, BOIGU AND IAMA ISLANDS has a specific section on Coastal Considerations, which can help your team assess if building a new pier is a good option or not.


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