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    Giulia Mandarano

      My team and I’s selected design area is Fire management and I had a few questions as to the logistics of the current system that would be instrumental in our new design.
      What is the current infrastructure? (the storage and model of the current drone system and what type of incendiaries are currently used, how are they dropped to light the fire and what are the main uses of the drone)
      Does our design have to be readily implemented?
      Thank you for your assistance.
      Giulia Mandarano

      Luke Barbagallo

        Hi Giulia,

        Currently, drones are not used in the actual lighting of fires; if used, it would be in the monitoring of and overall management of the cultural burning processes.

        To learn more about cultural burning practices, and the methods used in both lighting and managing the fires, I’d head to google – there are several example orgs working across North Queensland and the Northern Territory. Drones are being used by numerous organisations doing this work, so this would be a great area to focus your investigations in determining drone models etc.

        I’d recommend you have a read of this response to a similar question as well –



        Lacey Little

          Hi EWB,

          My team and I are looking into the possibility of using drones for fire management, and we’re just wondering which direction the prevailing wind comes from in Cape York please? We’re just struggling to find a reliable source with the correct information also.

          Thankyou for your time,

          Rachel Alford

            Hi Lacey,

            Thanks for your question!

            I’d like to throw this question back to you – how would having this information inform your design choice?

            Wind direction can vary on a number of factors, such as location, and even if the majority of the time it comes from one direction, the unpredictability of weather means that there will certainly be times in which the wind direction changes. Your design should be flexible and adaptable in order to account for all these variables.

            I hope this is helpful in shaping some considerations for your proposal, please feel free to reach out with any further questions!


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