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    Mateusz Zaniewski

      I understand that marine transportation is the main way which goods are supplied to the island. Our team would like to analyse the logistics/delivering of goods our design and are wanting to know what types of ships are already delivering goods to Saibai Island. Where are they delivering from? What is their loading capacity? How often are they delivering? And what is their size?

      Mateusz Zaniewski

        Furthermore, what is the capacity of the current dock/marine infrastructure, if known, what are the associated costs to shipments from Australia?

        Sai Rupa Dev

          Hi Mateusz,

          Seaswift is the main supplier of cargo and freezer/chiller supplies (mostly food supplies). They usually move supplies around all of the Torres Strait Islands at a set schedule – which is available on their website (Saibai is part of top western cluster).

          If you look at the interactives -> Jetty/Boat ramp section, There is a photo of what the vessel looks like, you can make assumptions based on that.

          For the marine dock infra, TSIRC owns the barge ramp and SeaSwift pays them a certain fee (which might be available online, if you have a brief search). Hope that helps.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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