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    Zhe XIng Lee

      Hi, for the materials we need for our design, we know what that the material can be source locally but no price can be found. We have look through the list of cost given under the resource, but it doesn’t have the material we need. Any chance the team knows the local price for the material listed below?

      – Silica Sand
      – Gravel
      – Charcoal/Activated carbon
      – Wood
      – Muslin cloth
      – Plastic water tap
      – Wire mesh
      – Utility knife
      – Hand saw
      – Hammer
      – Nail

      Best regards,

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Angelene,

        Thanks for checking the resource we provided about the available list of materials. I’ll see if we can get more information about the prices.

        I observed that there are a few essential tools on the list. Have you considered what the villagers may already have, as this may be part of your assumptions? Have you also looked at the opportunity of reusing available materials (i.e. wood) that could reduce the cost of your proposed project /at no cost to the community?


        Zhe XIng Lee

          Hi Jean.

          Yes, we have consider those and for nails and hammer as well. So, besides those 3 items, we’re still looking into the cost for other materials.

          Best regards,

          Sai Rupa Dev

            Hi Angelene,

            We are still awaiting some more information about this. But we don’t want you to get stuck on this – so here are some alternative processes that could potentially help you

            – Make assumptions:
            When it comes to making assumptions based on market data, it’s important to approach them in a thoughtful and reasonable manner. By carefully analyzing the available data, you can make educated estimations that will help guide your decision-making process.

            – Extrapolating available costs:
            In the case of extrapolating costs, you can utilize the resources provided to support your calculations. These resources have been carefully curated to provide you with the necessary information and tools to make informed assessments. For instance, the cost of a spanner is available on the spreadsheet, you know the price of a spanner in Australia, verify if there is a pattern that you could use to inform your design

            Just note that you need to consider the material availability of the area.

            I’ll add to this discussion as soon as we hear something. Hope this helps a little.

            Warmest regards,

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