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    Lara Berry

      My team are looking into ideas for grey water waste alternatives when groups camp on country. Can someone please advise if there are any facilities when groups camp on country such as a shower structure and pit toilet or do groups move around from place to place and manage with fresh water and an open fire with no structural facilities?

      Grace Roberts

        Hi Lara,

        Thanks for your question and I apologise about our delay in responding to you. Sometimes when out bush if there is a camp site nearby there might be a septic tank and rainwater tank with a pit or flush toilet, and perhaps a basic shower but shower amenities are more rare so assume there is no suitable purpose-built shower structure already on site that manages grey water effectively. Other times when groups go out more remotely they will need to dig a pit hole for a toilet. Groups will always take their own drinking water though.

        As for heating, an open fire might be used, but a portable gas cooking stove would likely be used for cooking. In terms of moving from place to place, you can assume that they would return back to a ranger base or town centre between remote trips to rest and stock up on supplies – so in other words they won’t be out remotely for months at a time.

        Ideally, your solution might be suitable for either of these settings (campsite with some amenities, or no amenities at all) and modular so it can be attached to existing infrastructure if required, so it is versatile no matter where a group decides to camp. Or, you might choose to focus on one of these settings.

        Hope that helps! Best of luck with your project,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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