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    Rachel Alford

      Hi all,

      We had this question come through via email which might be useful information for others.

      Q: We are looking at area 4.1 Alternatives and Improvements to refrigerators and freezers, and we were wondering if the challenge was to design a system that could reduce to load that was drawn from the large solar system powering homes (e.g. Low power refrigeration/freezing) or to create a secondary/alternative solar system so that fridges and freezers would not be taking from the large solar system powering homes.

      A: Either one of those interpretations of the design brief is absolutely fine. When thinking about alternatives to fridges and freezers the main concern currently is the power-intensity of these units and the need for constant power/cooling ability as food is often stored in bulk, so reliability of a design solution is important. Another thing to note is that your design doesn’t necessarily have to use solar power – other kinds of power sources or alternatives to refrigeration or freezing are also welcome to be explored.


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