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    Brendan Martin

      Hello Jean

      I am reaching out to you in regarding the EWB challenge for Saibai Island. Specifically challenge 5.1 Seawall improvements
      Looking at the photos and the information provided i have the following questions to help me in my assignment.

      I am assuming the pipes are concrete?
      I am unsure what material the end caps and sleeves are made from as it appears they are painted steel or some kind of casting. If this is the case how are they retained to the concrete? Do you have designs for these ends caps?
      The hinges do not appear to be welded to the ends so how are these also retained?
      What material are the hinges made from? If they are carbon steel than the resolve for this issue should be rather simple assuming the hinge mounts are easily accessible.

      The photos provided show hinges that are in relatively good condition which is also making the assessment difficult.

      If you can not answer these questions can you please point me in the direction where i can find it

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Brendan,

        We received a few information from a TSIRC staff related to the materials of outlet pipe and end caps. He said it’s made of Hume-King floodgate (also known as reflux valve or tidal flap) moulded from fibreglass reinforced polyester, with high tensile 316 stainless steel built-in hinges, and replaceable neoprene sealing rings.

        I hope this helps!


        lily beharrell

          How many flap valves are there on the seawall? also how big are they and it there any resources that we could access that shows the current inner design? we have assumed that it is a swing check valve but we cant find the info on the specifics.

          Brendan Martin


            Could we also request the outside diameter(s) at the discharge point of the pipes? If not nominal bore and wall thickness will also be suitable

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