1.8 Structures erosion control

Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation Structures 1.8 Structures erosion control

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    Wade Bristow


      Apologies if this has been asked. Regarding the erosion of the Barron river banks would the bulk of the erosion occur from storm surges or dose day to day water flow have a large effect. It would be helpful to know if a incoming tide also causes erosion and if it dose is it at a smaller scale than storm surges

      Thank you for your help

      Wade Bristow

        Hi I have another question

        Dose typical the typical high tide water reach the toe of the erosion or is it only king tides and storm tides?

        Thank you

        Jean Aquinde

          Hi Wade,

          Sorry for the delay. We must have overlooked your questions at the time when we’re answering other student queries. In the brief, we mentioned that the proposed solution needs to address the rising sea levels and to reduce the damage caused by the increased severity and frequency of storms, cyclones and floods. Unfortunately, we don’t have a data of the frequency of these two factors happening simultaneously. Please note that there are nearby residential areas that will benefit from your proposed design of retaining wall, so I would advise that you address the existing erosion problem and also ensure that the structure is designed to prevent the water from reaching the residents.


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