Reply To: Livestock

Sai Rupa Dev

    Hi Henry,

    Livestock includes: Goats, pigs, poultry, and cattle from what we’ve seen.

    Manure: Manure is typically collected from livestock enclosures and composted to produce organic fertilizer for agricultural crops. Using Manure for biofuel may not be as common due to limited access to biogas systems or alternative energy sources. However, using dried up manure in firewood stoves is observed.

    Livestock management: Livestock in Pu Ngaol village are often kept in simple enclosures made from locally available materials such as bamboo, wood, or wire fencing. The responsibility for caring for livestock is typically shared among family members, with adults and children contributing to feeding, watering, and general animal care. I would say it is a bit labour intensive.Villagers in Pu Ngaol may have some knowledge of livestock marketing, as selling surplus animals can provide additional income for households. The extent of knowledge about exporting livestock to formal markets may vary, and many villagers may rely on local markets or informal networks for selling animals.

    Hope that helps,