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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Shaun,

    According to this resource from TSRA: Torres Strait Sustainable Land Use Plan, Part 2 Saibai:

    “The marine facilities at Saibai consist of a precast concrete barge ramp, a timber finger pier and a rock seawall. The barge ramp and finger facilities are accessed from the deep water by a dredged channel marked by navigational buoys.

    The barge ramp and associated rock walls provide access for all goods transported to the island. They are an essential part of the community’s infrastructure. There is currently an adequate hardstand area formed from natural materials adjacent to the barge ramp. The facility also incorporates a shed and fenced area. Saibai is serviced weekly by a barge service from Port Kennedy.”

    On TSIRC’s website, you can find its Deputation Priority Areas, where they laid out their plans to upgrade the marine infrastructure, including the estimated budget.

    As stated in our Introduction, ‘Under no circumstances are students to contact community members, TSIRC staff, or their partners unless expressly permitted to do so by EWB. This is part of our agreement with the community that enables everyone to participate in a manner that is respectful of time, culture, and resources.’

    The websites of TSIRC, TSRA, and the Queensland government offer a wealth of resources. These resources are comprehensive enough to provide all the information you need.

    I hope this helps!


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