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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Clare,

    FYI, we just updated the Gallery section of Design Area 1. I added a photo of the rubbish truck that goes around the neighbourhood. Yes, they do use a wheelie bin just like in the photo found in this blog : Life on the border – impressions of life on Saibai Island. They only supply one wheelie bin for the rubbish collection and don’t have yellow or green bins to sort other wastes.

    In the design brief, we mentioned that domestic waste is collected twice per week. Since there’s no other stream of waste collected by the Council, rubbish gets transported directly to their landfill facility.

    As a recent update regarding burning of waste, they no longer do this anymore due to health and safety reasons. Unfortunately, the wastes are currently dumped in pile. We’ve just added some information in the design brief based on our recent check-in call with TSIRC. Please take a look again.

    In terms of what’s taken to Cairns, this is an option for residents or commercial businesses if they can shoulder the cost of waste transport (also taking the biosecurity measures in consideration). TSIRC has a detailed resource on Waste Facilities & Charges if you want to explore more about their operation.

    I hope this helps!


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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 4 days ago by Jean Aquinde.