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Jean Aquinde

    Hi William,

    Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our EWB Challenge scoping process, we don’t have specific answers to your technical questions. However, checking out Ergon Energy’s resource materials will provide more information about their services.

    In their Isolated Networks Strategy 2020, they mentioned,

    “The Isolated Networks consist of power stations, High Voltage feeders, SWER (Single Wire Earth Return) and Low Voltage distribution networks with maximum demands ranging from 68kW at Stephens Island up to 4.2MW at Thursday Island. The annual energy demand across the sites ranges from 425MWh (Stephen’s Island) to 3.1GWh (Thursday Island).”

    If you can’t find more information specific to Saibai Island, I encourage you to expand your research and compare Saibai’s energy performance to that of other Torres Strait islands. Also, please check my answer to Isaac’s question regarding energy pricing in the Energy Discussion Forum thread.

    I hope this helps!


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