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Rachel Alford

    Hi Maya,

    Thanks for your question!

    Could you possibly give me some more information about how the dimensions of the Salt Marsh Lagoon would factor into your project/design? As we don’t have any specific dimensions of the salt marsh lagoon area on Dungarra, but depending on what you needed it for I could possibly help point you to some relevant information or help reframe the usefulness of knowing those dimensions.

    In the meantime you are able to make an estimate of the size based on what you can see in the interactives in conjunction with Google maps, for example, to give you a rough idea. It’s absolutely fine to use estimation techniques like this in the EWB Challenge as long as you outline where you’ve made these estimations in your final report.

    I hope that is helpful, but if you can provide me with some more context I’ll likely be able to help further.