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Rachel Alford

    Hi Arsh,

    Thanks for getting in touch. To answer your questions, it’s important to challenge the assumptions that you’ve made about the Yirrganydji community. The Yirrganydji community are not an isolated group who live disconnected from the rest of Australian society. Rather, they can (and do!) live in a variety of regional, rural and urban areas – Dawul Wuru’s office is in Cairns for example – both in Yirrganydji Country and beyond.

    Additionally, there are many projects that Dawul Wuru have identified about using technology for educational purposes, so you can assume that this is not only acceptable, but an area that they are actively pursuing. 

    I’d recommend taking a look at the Share Our Pride Reconciliation Australia website (which is linked in our Resources section). It has a wealth of resources and information to challenge some of the assumptions and misconceptions around First Nations communities in Australia. 

    Hope this helps, please reach out with any further questions.