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Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation Caring for Sea Country Design area 5.5 Mechanisms to reduce noise Reply To: Design area 5.5 Mechanisms to reduce noise

Rachel Alford

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for your questions. As a part of the EWB Challenge, there is an expectation that participants will be doing their own research, including both what is provided on the website and also your own wider research.

    As a starting point for your questions, I suggest looking through the photo gallery provided on Design Area 5 page – there are several photos of the crocodile monitoring boats that are currently being used by Dawul Wuru, with the make and model of the boats and engines visible. From there, I suggest broadening your search and using google to see if you can find the information you’re seeking, whether it be the manuals or dimensions or other general information.

    Inevitably there will be information which you cannot find which will require you to make assumptions and strategic decisions about your design choice. We’ve created a Big Tricky Questions: Explained document (linked in the Resources page under FAQ) which can help you navigate some of that thinking.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck!