Reply To: 3.3 – High Value Experiences

Rachel Alford

    Hi Chris,

    Great question and wonderful to see your consideration of meeting the design brief.

    Essentially the ‘high-value experiences’ relate to ensuring that tourists visiting Cape York have a positive and meaningful experience while on the Cape. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean a luxurious trip, but rather one that is valuable in terms of its environmental and cultural experiences.

    Cape York is a remote destination with rich culture and incredible natural beauty, and it is these features that contribute to a ‘high-value experience’. You should keep these assets in mind when designing your tourist shelters. How can your shelters highlight and maximise the cultural and environmental offerings for visitors and contribute to a meaningful, valuable experience?

    I hope this helps to clarify the intention behind that wording, good luck with your project and please get in touch with any further questions!