Reply To: Mobile solar energy

Grace Roberts

    Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for your questions and I’m glad you were able to join us at the Yarn with Wuthathi.

    Those solar cells from a Chinese company were going to be installed on site when they erect their ranger base sometime in October. These were specificly donated to Wuthathi though, so the same ones may not be available for other locations and groups. I’m not sure what the specifications exactly of these are, but you can assume there is availability of any mass manufactured Chinese made solar cells you can find online. This website might help you ascertain which solar panels will be appropriate depending on your design:

    As for how many are available, that will be dependent on the ability to import/purchase your desired cells and the budget you choose depending on the target group who will fund your design. Guidance on how to think about that is available in our FAQs document.

    I hope this helps,