Contemplating 3 Degrees (past)

This event has already passed – stay tuned for upcoming events.

EWB Challenge Series students, Chapters and exclusive groups within our EWB network are invited to attend Contemplating 3 Degrees.

Globally, greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to rise, as does the likelihood of limiting a global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. Alarmingly, current policies and commitments by the worlds major emitters will still result in temperature rise of approximately 3 degrees by the end of this century.

So what does a 3 degree future mean for ourselves, our families, our communities, our infrastructure, our social and political systems?

This event invites two leading thinkers in their respective fields to contemplate a 3 degree global temperature rise, and their vision for our world in the year 2100.

David Hood AM will speak from the perspective of an eternal optimist, sharing how we have collectively and equitably adapted and mitigated through technical and social means to a world at 3 degrees, meeting the challenges that this monumental shift will bring.

Dr Helen Redmond will speak from the counter position, that of the pessimist; the world has warmed by 3 degrees, but our socio-technical capacity to meet the challenges has been lacking, and the year 2100 is defined by missed opportunities and climatic extremes yield their full destructive capability.

Following these presentations and a short Q&A, we will contemplate 3 degrees together, and explore the opportunities and challenges of this century in an engaging workshop.

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Wed 23rd June, 1-2.30pm AEST
Online via Zoom

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