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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Madison,

    That is a great initiative! There might be more construction materials for which we still need to take photos, but you may assume all kinds of construction materials were left behind on the island, as it’s costly to transport them back and because of the island’s strict biosecurity regulations.

    We are unsure of the main reasons why they were never reused or repurposed (even if some look in great condition), but we know that community members are allowed to reuse them.

    According to this Fact Sheet – Commercial and Construction Waste Restrictions, “Approval for gifting materials to community members or TSIRC will be assessed on a case-by-case basis only. Gifting of materials must be approved by Councils CEO or delegate. To apply for approval, contact the relevant TSIRC Divisional Engineering Officer staff on-island. They will provide the information to the CEO or delegate. The CEO or delegate will assess the situation and deny or approve with conditions.”

    I hope that answers your questions!


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