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Sai Rupa Dev

    Hi Bryan,

    1. This resource could be helpful. You can check out if Ergon has stats on diesel generation and compare it.
    2. Solar panels in Saibai Island may experience reduced efficiency or temporarily cease generating electricity during heavy rain or overcast conditions due to decreased sunlight exposure. However, the extent of this impact would depend on various factors such as the design and quality of the solar panels, the intensity of rainfall, and cloud cover.
    3. Despite potential disruptions during rain, solar panels on Saibai Island generally continue to generate electricity when sunlight is available. However, their output may be reduced during inclement weather conditions.
    4. This can be answered in the resource in point 1
    5. There are no alternative sources of energy during periods of rain, as far as I know and have observed
    6. I would suggest to take a look at the interactives and use google earth’s measuring tools to calculate that. The entire island is 20kms by 15kms, and only a small portion is inhibited.

    Hope that helps,