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Michael Dyer

    Hi Team

    I would like to ask an additional question in regards to the water connections to households.

    In the document “Saibai, Sustainable Land Use Plan, PART 2”, on p110 it states:

    Potable water is delivered to Community from the reservoir via 100mm underground mains with the pressure being maintained by variable speed drive (VSD) pumps. All facilities are connected to the mains via branch lines. The majority of household water tanks can be topped-up by the reticulation system. Small individual pressure pumps deliver the water from the rainwater tanks to a single internal tap isolated from the mains as an emergency.

    Could we confirm if there is any filtration on the connection from the rainwater tank to the internal tap?

    Also, is the top up of the rainwater tank an automatic process (eg via a float valve etc) or a manual process.

    Any information from the community on the connection and filtration of the rainwater tanks in the household would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Michael D.