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Sarah Hassanin


    I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out to you regarding the 1.8 opportunities program. As a participant, I am interested in understanding if the community of Dungarra has a list of asset requirements that we should consider. This information would help us tailor our design solution to better meet the needs of the Dungarra community.
    Specifically, I would like know if

    1-the design’s purpose is solely to prevent erosion of banks and reduce flooding, or if it aims to fully prevent flooding?

    2-Is there a desire to reclaim the land lost from erosion?

    2. Are there any specific materials that should be included in the construction of the structure?

    3. What is the expected life asset of this project?

    4. How many meters of the river bank require protection? it acceptable if our designed structure obstructs the view in order to prevent flooding?