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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Seunghyun,

    It’s great that you’re looking at biomass’ potential as a renewable energy source for the community. Are you trying to assess the supply of waste to feed into the biomass power plant you plan to design? Unfortunately, we don’t have specific data about the production volume of agricultural residues. However, there are other ways to assess the feasibility and sustainability of your proposed project.

    Agricultural waste, including plant and animal waste, are excellent fuel sources for biomass power plant, and the community has a constant supply of this as this is their main livelihood. Therefore, this is a feasible idea. Another benefit is that this could offset their behaviour of doing open burning.

    Regarding assessing sustainability, what opportunities do you see so the community can easily maintain the biomass power plant? (while at the same time reducing the negative impact on the environment)

    I suggest you check our Design Considerations page to continue to guide your team in your design.

    All the best,

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