Reply To: Rangers Operation

Rachel Alford

    Hi Dat! 

    Thanks for your patience in waiting for my response. I’ve answered your questions below:

    Q:  The way that the Rangers is communicating (due to the large area).
    A: Rangers use usually use radios to communicate, however this does have drawbacks as there cannot be too much distance between the each ranger otherwise the radio doesn’t work. Additionally, they may use satellite phones, although this would be rare as they are quite expensive. Mobile phone reception is limited, however is available in some places and they would use that to connect. 

    Q: the way that the Rangers System is operated (Is there any leadership? or Are they divided into teams working dependently on each other?
    A: In Cape York, there are various different ranger groups in operation which will operate slightly differently from one another. Typically, rangers will go out on Country, usually in groups, to undertake their work. As there are many groups operating, I encourage you to research into some different groups to generate a greater understanding. This resource is an interactive map which you can see the different Ranger groups in operation on Cape York:

    Q:Could you please recommend me some sources related to the concerns mentioned above?
    A: To start, I recommend looking at some of the resources associated with your Design Area on the website. Under ‘Additional Information’ there are a list of relevant resources particularly around connectivity in Cape York. For more information on Ranger Programs, I recommend reading the information provided for Design Area 7 and associated resources. The National Indigenous Australian Agency website also has some great information about Rangers. 

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions!
    Good luck with your project,