Reply To: Current fishing situation.

Jean Aquinde

    Hi Yaakov and Simon,

    In practice, the Yirrganydji people typically fish for recreational purposes and Dawul Wuru don’t have any existing aquaculture methods. In the design brief, the phrase ‘existing approaches inappropriate’ refers to existing aquaculture practices more broadly, not specifically in Yirrganydji Country. If you haven’t explored it, the QLD government has a great resource about existing aquaculture operations. These current practices are inappropriate for Dawul Wuru for a number of reasons.

    Dawul Wuru aim to introduce aquaculture to create opportunities to connect with culture and community and create economic opportunities for Yirrganydji people while promoting their cultural heritage. The design brief mentioned that they are interested in aquaculture methods with low environmental impact and high yield and to incorporate designs inspired by traditional Yirrganydji fish traps.

    In addition, you can find our answer to a similar question to yours here and here.

    I hope this helps your team move forward with your research.

    All the best,