Reply To: Current fishing situation.

Rachel Alford

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your question. It’s a pretty broad question so it’s a little tricky to answer – are you able to define it a little bit further? 

    For example, it’s hard to talk about Yirrganydji people as a whole, as with any community it is made up of individuals. Not all Yirrganydji people live on Yirrganydji Country, for example, so did you want to ask about the people who are on Yirrganydji Country?
    Also, can you be a bit more specific about what you mean by ‘fishing situation’, as it’s a bit vague as to what information you’re looking for. Are you looking for information about the fishing industry in Yirrganydji Country, or how Yirrganydji people engage with fishing right now? 

    A little bit more information will enable me to provide a more accurate answer for you. In general, fishing is a very popular recreational past-time for Yirrganydji people living in the area, with both on-shore and off-shore (ie by boat) popular with people in areas such as Dungarra.

    If you’re able to let me know a bit more specifically what kind of information you’re after, I’ll be able to hopefully provide some more accurate information.