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Lucas Nguyen

    Hi Rachel,
    I’ve realised that I asked a silly question. I understand now that I must think deeply and articulate clearly into words the benefits that our design will provide (which Dawul Wuru will value). After doing this, a reasonable price for our design should become clear. It’s all about a reasonable price in the end.

    The reason why I wondered about the price of the drones was due to this phrase from the Big Tricky Questions explained document: “To understand what an appropriate budget looks like, you’ll want to consider what you know about the context of your project,…, and examples of other projects completed by this organisation or in a similar location”. In a way, the drones are like a “completed project”.

    But now I see how I was wrong. Thanks for clearing things up.

    I have just one more question and this is regarding the skills of the maintenance crew emplowed by Dawul Wuru. I asked before if there were any plumbers. Now, I’d like to ask if Dawul Wuru is affiliated with any people who have experience with excavation? Do they know how to use excavation machines, for instance? Do they have experience digging through rock (which is the hardest type of excavation)?Or perhaps, they do projects with shovel and pickaxe only? Or perhaps, they don’t do any excavation at all? It’d be great if they have experience with this already, because this will certainly put downard pressure on costs.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by Lucas Nguyen.