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Rachel Alford

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your questions! These are all decisions that you will need to make for your design, based on the information that Dawul Wuru have provided about their aspirations for the ranger base.

    The page Vision for a Collective Hub on Country provides some insight into the values of the organisation, which you will need to use to justify your design choices in your project report. For example, Dawul Wuru have highlighted that a connection to Country is really important for them – how can the office space in the ranger base incorporate that value and provide the best outcome for Dawul Wuru?

    In terms of numbers, Dawul Wuru currently employs 17 people. You can assume that for indoor meetings there would be no more than 20 people using a room at a time.

    Essentially, based on what you have learned about Dawul Wuru and the Yirrganydji community, you will need to make informed design choices which support their vision and get the best outcomes for the ranger base.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!