Reply To: Buildings

Rachel Alford

    Hi Benjamin,

    The nursery is an aspiration for Dawul Wuru in their Hub, which does not yet exist. As such, the Hub could be made up of a variety of different buildings – I’d recommend taking a look at the Vision of a Collective Hub on Country page, as well as Design Area 1 – Structures to get an idea of what the Hub could potentially look like. However, as it may take on many different forms, how can you make your design flexible to work if the Hub is built differently to what you imagined?

    In terms of square footage of the space, I recommend taking a look at our interactives which outline three potential sites for the Hub. From there you can make assumptions about the space available. It’s absolutely fine to make informed assumptions in your project as long as these are documented in your final report. We’ve put together a FAQ: Big Tricky Questions document (which you can also find in our Resources section) which can help with navigating some of the unknowns as well as making assumptions.

    I hope this helps, please reach out if you have any further questions!