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Rachel Alford

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for all your questions, I’ve answered them below:

    Q: Does the build need to be elevated?
    A: Yes they should be. I recommend reading the Vision for a Collective Hub on Country if you haven’t already – this section outlines the needs and desires for their structures.

    Q: Are these pre located position for the building in the interactive, the only positions?
    A: They are the ones that Dawul Wuru have identified to us, and they are the most likely locations. However, this does not mean for certain that they will end up in one of these locations – so how can you account for this uncertainty? Even if they did end up in one of those locations, they may need to relocate after some time, hence the need to be transportable. How can you design your structures in such a way that they are able to be deployed in a variety of locations? I recommend taking a look at our Big Tricky Questions document (found in the Resources section), which can help you think about some of these questions about flexibility of your design. 

    Q: Do these positions already have foundation prepare at each location?
    A: Take a look at the interactives of the potential sites, these photos/videos were taken in Sept/Dec 2021. Dawul Wuru have not secured the lease for any of these sites so you can assume that there are similar conditions to how they are presented in the interactives.  

    Q: What size vehicle is mostly use by the Dawul Wuru corporation?
    A: Again, I recommend exploring the interactives, in particular the one of the Dawul Wuru office. It shows and describes the vehicles that Dawul Wuru operates.

    Q: How often do the buildings change locations?
    A: I recommend reading through the Land Tenure section of Yirrganydji Country page – it explains the challenges with securing land and why there is a need for transportable structures.  

    Q: What weather does the building need to resist (wind strength/ storm size)?
    A: In the description of the Design Area, you will find general information about the types of weather that is faced in the area. More specific information beyond that, you will have to research yourself to inform your design choices. In our Resources section, you can find a document on how climate change is affecting Far North Queensland – this document could be a good place to start.

    Q: What is working group size for dismantling and assembling, that Dawul Wuru corporation wish to use?
    A: This will depend on your design and the structure. If it is a relatively small structure, it may be something that Dawul Wuru can work on themselves (keeping in mind they have other responsibilities they need to uphold in their work and won’t necessarily be able to dedicate 100% of their time to the structure). If it is a larger structure, or one that requires specialist equipment or knowledge, that should be specified and outlined in your report, along with your justification for that design choice. Ultimately it depends on your design as to what is needed. The Big Tricky Questions document I mentioned earlier can help guide you through some of those choices. 

    Q: Is there a size limit/ weight for the roads?
    A: That is something that you will need to investigate yourself. A quick google will bring up relevant legislation in Queensland about road usage. 

    Good luck with your research, and please reach out with any further questions!