Reply To: Regarding 5.1

Rachel Alford

    Hi Hein,

    Thanks for your patience, we’ve heard back from our community partner and they’ve provided us with a bit more information about the moving of dugongs and what it involves.

    As dugongs that are being transported will likely be injured, there’s usually no need for them to be sedated as they’re often fairly immobile and exhausted anyway, so you can assume not. However, Dawul Wuru would consult with a vet before moving the dugong.

    You can assume that it might need to be transported on the back of a trailer to a facility (eg Cairns aquarium) for rehabilitation. The tank should also be filled partially with water to provide some buoyancy and to support the dugong’s weight and provide it some relief. 

    I hope that information was useful, please reach out if you have any further questions!