Reply To: Scope of Work for project 5.5

Rachel Alford

    Hi Madeline,

    Thanks for your question!

    As you’ve identified, the difference between the two project opportunities is the scope. Project 3.5 focuses specifically on reducing vibrations through the design of a small, quiet, affordable, robust and agile electric outboard motor (which also reduces Dawul Wuru’s carbon footprint).
    Project 5.5 is broader in scope, and looks at any design modifications that can be made to the boats that minimise vibrations and disturbances to animals.

    Essentially, in project area 3.5 your primary focus would be specifically looking at the design of an electric outboard motor, whereas in 5.5 you could look at a range of other techniques and technologies which can increase the stealth of the boats (which may not necessarily be related to the motor at all).

    Hope that helps to clarify, please reach out if you have any further questions!