Reply To: Artefact Storage

Rachel Alford

    Hi Pratishtha,

    Great questions!

    As far as we are aware, there are no protocols that needs to be followed when storing artefacts on Cape York. The preferred manner for storage of artefacts will vary between communities and depending on the artefact, but there are some commonalities in terms of the space being secure, being able to control who can access and being climate controlled so the artefacts do not degrade. As such, designing a solution that is flexible and can be adapted depending on the needs/desires of the community would be key. For example, if you are concerned about storing artefacts on the floor, could your design be modular and flexible with  the option to add shelves if necessary?

    The discussion post which I’ve linked below does a great job of explaining the different ways in which communities may wish to have their artefacts displayed, key concerns around security and controlling access to the artefacts, and can form some considerations for you as you go through this design process.

    Structures 3.2 – Keeping Places for Artifacts on Country

    I hope this has been helpful, please reach out with any further questions!