Reply To: Washdown Station

Rachel Alford

    Hi Mariam,

    Thanks for your questions, I’ll answer them individually below:

    What kind of vehicles pass through the road through points Coen and Musgrave?
    Take a look at this answer to a previous question on the discussion forum.

    How many vehicles a day pass through these areas?
    Whilst we don’t know the number specifically for Coen and Musgrave, however as per the Design Brief you can assume approximately 10 vehicles per day. Some other useful things to keep in mind are that road use will be varied across the year, for example during wet season when there are fewer people in Cape York.

    It would also be helpful to know where the settlements are and their population if possible as some sites mentioned the settlements however not the population size.
    The population of communities in Cape York can vary, for example with people relocating during the wet season.
    For a general idea, I’d recommend taking a look at this website which enables you to explore different communities in the Cape York area.
    You can also use the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data which should give you an idea of general demographics of the Cape York area. You can also disaggregate statistics of individual suburbs/communities.
    Both of those websites can be found in Tips for Getting Started: Explore the Community Context.

    However, I’d also encourage you to think about why you feel this information is necessary for your design; is it to make an estimate of average users for your system? As mentioned earlier, the number of people in Cape York can fluctuate, so it’s important that your design is flexible and adaptable for changing circumstances. You might also think about the longevity of your design; if the capacity of your system is only suitable for the current population, what happens if the number of people in Cape York increases?

    I also recommend taking at the FAQs Big Tricky Questions document, if you haven’t already, around making assumptions in your design – as you go through the design process you’ll likely be unable to find exact information for everything you want. When this happens, you’ll need to make some assumptions based on the information that is available.

    Hope all that information is helpful and good luck with your project!