Reply To: Washdown Facility’s

Rachel Alford

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your questions, I’ve answered them individually below.

    1. The pressure and power consumption of the pump is something your team will have to consider and decide on in your design process. You’ll need to calculate and work out what an appropriate pressure is needed in order to clean cars sufficiently and how much power is needed to support this.

    2. Unfortunately we don’t have any data or insight into the operational capacity/specifications of the current washdown stations as they are currently not operating. The size and number of sprays of the washdown station is an area your team will need to decide on in order to ensure it is appropriate for the context and suitable for vehicles that will be passing through.
    There’s a number of answers within this discussion forum, as well as Design Area 4.3, which outline information regarding the types of vehicles and usage of washdown stations.

    3. Again, we don’t have any specific information regarding this; this is something you and your team will need to decide on what is appropriate for your design solution.

    Ultimately, the current specifications of the washdown stations in Cape York are not necessary to know for your proposal as these designs were not functional and they are no longer in use. I can share that the two main reasons they’re not operational is due to difficulties in maintenance and vandalism, so that’s something to keep in mind as you design.

    I’d encourage you to research different types of washdown stations and decide on what might be appropriate for the Cape York context. This is a good resource to start:

    I hope this helps, please reach out with any further questions!