Reply To: Wash Down Station

Rachel Alford

    Hi Ashleigh,

    Thanks for your questions and for your consideration of CfAT’s expectations for your project.

    1. There are no set locations for the washdown bays. Currently there are two existing sites at Lakeland and Lakefield, however neither are operational at this time. We can’t provide a specific location where washdown bays would be situated, but it is important to consider where they might be useful – on the edge of Indigenous Protected Areas for example. 

    2. The washdown bay should be able to cater all vehicles that are passing through the area, including large roadworthy trucks. However, the vehicles passing through will be dependent on the location of the washdown bay. For example, if you were to propose a small-scale washdown bay that would be situated on a remote, small road then you might only need to consider passenger vehicles, as opposed to one that is located on a main highway where large trucks etc are likely to pass.  

    There are also several questions and answers on the washdown bays in this forum, so be sure to check these out also 🙂