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Luke Barbagallo

    Hi Aryana,

    Thanks for the questions, I’ve answered them below in order that they were asked.

    1- What is the highest level (from the ground) flooding has ever reached at Cape York? (We want to consider the worst case scenario and offer a design that can provide a solution to that.)
    A: The existing CfAT supported water system interactive will give you an idea on the height of the river bank, from which you should be able to assume a benchmark height. Also the BOM’s river rainfalls and river conditions data should give you an idea on the height.

    2- Has flooding ever caused structural damage to elevated community fridges/freezers?
    A: Flooding is always a risk, however, many of the structures on the Peninsula that are nearby water systems are already elevated appropriately. Head back to the interactives to get an indicative height of structures, particularly the ranger station. Elevating structures is also a design consideration as a form of termite mitigation.

    3- What is the type of earth in flood prone areas? (We can consider making concrete by mixing the earth with the materials.)
    A: Here are some links that give further information about soil types on the Cape:

    4- Is there a need or is the community looking forward to change or update the current structural foundations for the freezers/refrigerators? (This will help us know whether we should consider offering a design for the structure of foundations as a part of our proposal, or we assume the existing foundations will be utilized in our project)
    A: The primary refrigeration techniques used on the Cape currently are the same kinds of domestic units that are used in urban areas. If your solution is going to be any larger than this, you should definitely consider what is required foundation wise, and provide advice on this.

    5- Where can we find samples of foundations at Cape York? (This will give us a clearer vision of the required design)
    A: There are a number of images in the interactives for the Design Area 3 which will give you a good idea of what is required. ‘

    Hope this all helps,