Reply To: Questions for freezers

Luke Barbagallo

    Hey Ruofei!

    Thanks for the great questions – I’ll do my best to respond below.

    1.Who else might need mobile freezers besides the hunters?(We considered hunters as the main stakeholder at first)
    A: Anyone who is going to be living or working on country; hunting isn’t the only, nor is it even the main source of food that needs to be stored on site.

    2.What is the amount of prey can local people get each time they hunt?
    A: It varies – the largest kills would be buffalos and wild pigs(both are invasive pest species), whilst the smallest would be smaller marsupials. In your solution, plan for a larger kill for redundancy.

    3.How do hunters freeze the preys hunted on their way home or during the hunt in the current state?
    A: Generally, the kill is transported (unfrozen and at the ambient temperature) back to the location where it will be stored prior to being butchered.

    4.What is the most common prey that hunters prefer?
    A: Touched on this above – it varies based on what is available, but it can range from small marsupials, up to large buffalos.

    5.Are foamed plastics approachable in Cape York? If so, are they expensive?
    A: Plastic pollution, and the appropriate disposal of waste on the Peninsula is a major concern. Introducing any single use, or non-durable, plastic foam products is not strictly forbidden, but you must consider the product lifecycle, and what will happen to the solution at its end of life stage; can it be recycled? There are no waste services on the cape, so if it were to be left on a dump near a community, how safe is it for the environment as it breaks down?

    Hope this helps you and your team,