Reply To: 7.1 Fire Management – Drones

Luke Barbagallo

    Hey Annabelle,

    I’m not certain of the exact models used, but I’ve found a few additional resources that may help you identify models/help you decide which models would be potentially appropriate.

    This one has some photos of drones used:

    This one has some unit specs:
    “WCTTAA was able to trial different types of drones (fixed wing and multi-rotor), operation styles (manual and automatic flight paths), launching platforms (beach and boat), and various flight parameters (height, camera angles, etc) for monitoring turtle tracks. The data collected from the drone trials was subsequently downloaded and analysed.

    Overall, the 1.4 kilogram, multi-rotor drone with a 20 MP inbuilt camera provided the best results for the turtle track monitoring activities. This drone had good stability to deal with windy conditions, high camera resolution, boat-launching capability, and could deliver both grid and linear flight paths. Under suitable weather conditions, this drone captured high-quality aerial imagery that could be analysed for turtle track species and numbers”.

    Hope this helps,