Reply To: Mobile Showers

Elizabeth Huyton


    I understand that in another topic the use of greywater trenches are looking at being potentially phased out due to cost of installation, is it just the cost of installation and maintenance being the expensive part of these systems or something else?

    Would a different type, extremely small scale and basic trench (talking 3m long and 1.5m deep) that would be cheap to install in comparison to larger, traditional, greywater/septic capabilities be something that could possibly be researched further into at these campsites, providing the concept meets feasibility criteria?

    Also, what types of soaps are these Rangers using out in these environments, I suppose none if there are no showers at the moment, but are they using soaps in river washes? Would we be correct in assuming that they would just take affordable, basic, store branded soap with them once given the showering facilities?

    Thankyou for your time!