Reply To: Electricity

Grace Roberts

    Hi Caelan,

    I’m not fully sure what you mean by your question, but I will try and answer it as best as I can.

    1-4kWh is an amount of energy that is equivalent to the energy you would use if you kept a 1,000-4,000 watt solution running for an hour. See these online articles for an explanation of kWh if this is what you’re asking for:

    Based on your question I’m assuming you are referring to ‘4.3 Appropriate energy supply for vehicle washdown facilities’ where the design brief states that ‘Washdown stations typically require between 1-4kWh/day depending on the design’. This means that each day, a typical washdown station uses between 1-4kWh of energy. Keep in mind that this is the total energy from one or more uses of the washdown station across the course of the entire day, as it would only be running when a vehicle comes along (i.e. intermittently).

    It’s best for you to ask your lecturer or tutor to help you with these concepts if you’re still having trouble.

    Hope this helps to answer your question, best of luck with your project.